Class Size: We close each of our classes at 16 students. More often than not, classes usually end up with 12-14 students per class. If you are not pleased with the size of your child’s class, you may request a different class before November. (After Nov. costumes have been ordered.) Remember, most classes have student/assistant teachers. Classes with less than 8 may be discontinued; however replacement classes would be given.

Class Attire: We do require the following in all classes:

  1. All hair must be worn up and pulled back. (Pony tails, buns etc…)
  2. Dance attire only please. Your child cannot stretch and do required exercises in street clothes.
  3. For ballet classes we do require form fitting dancewear and tights in order to see the dancer’s body alignment and their knees. Teachers cannot make the proper corrections for your child without viewing these areas. This is very important for your child’s progress.
  4. Proper shoes must be worn for the class in which you are enrolled.

Class Placement: We thank you in advance for trusting us with your child’s class placement. The month of September is used for evaluating each student to ensure that they are in the proper level. The analysis of a student’s abilities and progress is best left to an experienced teacher. Therefore, class placement is solely at the discretion of your child’s teacher. If you have reasons to doubt your class recommendation and placement, please email Kelley at with your reasons for concern. After your teacher reviews, they will email you in return with the final decision. Again, we sincerely try to do what is best for each dancer.

Class Information:We suggest liking us on Facebook and following us on Instagram in order to receive updates. You will be given a phone number to text during the first lesson to sign up for Remind. This will allow you to receive instant updates. Also visit our website for review. Please make sure we have your current email address.

Attendance: Regular attendance is necessary for your child to feel confident about routines and dance level. However, if you’re absent due to sickness, holidays, weather or vacation, you may attend a make-up lesson. Tuition is divided equally over nine months; therefore we cannot prorate. However, if for any reason you do not receive a full month of lessons you may attend a make-up lesson.

Waiting Room Crowding: The waiting room WILL BE crowded during the beginning of the year and also during observation, picture and party weeks. Please know that it does not stay overcrowded. We do recommend that you take advantage of this time to run errands, exercise, go to the library or grocery shop etc.

Early Dismissal: To help with the crowded waiting room and parking all hour long classes will always dismiss 5 minutes early. For example, if your class begins at 4:30, the teacher will let the class out at 5:25. This does not apply to 45 minute classes.

Holidays: We do not observe all school holidays. Please refer to our calendar page.

Bad Weather: The studios USUALLY close if the Trussville City or Blount County school systems close or cancel after school activities. We will post on our website, Facebook, Instagram, text via Remind and change our phone message if we are going to follow the school's decision to close. Our decision will be posted before that day's classes begin. So please like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, check our website, or listen to our outgoing message when in doubt. Due to quick developing weather and the volume of students there cannot be individual cancellation calls. Please remember that you are welcome to attend a make-up lesson.

Lost and Found: Please put your child’s name clearly labeled in all shoes and dance bags. Items left may be placed in our lost and found, however, Miss Kelley's cannot be responsbible for any items that are lost, stolen or left behind.

Class Change or Withdrawal: If you have a class change you must complete a class change/withdrawal form in the office immediately. If this withdrawal happens before November 1st we will gladly prorate any tuition and costume fees after the date of your notification. If you withdraw after November 1st you will be financially responsible for the costume payments. Tuition will be prorated from the date on your withdrawal form. Not attending class does not constitute withdrawal. Withdrawals must be signed off on in writing by the parent. Thank you for your cooperation!!

Trussville Parking: We suggest you take advantage of our circular drive. It is designed so that your child can enter and exit on the passenger side. Please do not block or park in this drive. It is important that you do not park on the building side of the street in front of the studio. Rescue vehicles could not service our building if the need were to arise. Trussville police have mentioned ticketing… do not park on the building side.

Parties: Twice a year we have a party the last half of the lesson. If you would like bring refreshments there will be a sign up sheet on the back of your studio door. If your child has a food allergy you must be present to monitor what your child might eat. Younger children enjoy wearing their Halloween costume over their dance clothes. Please remember there is no dance on Halloween. Check the calendar for the dates of the Halloween and Christmas parties.

Christmas Parades: The students really enjoy being in these parades, so you may wish to make plans to attend. Classes whose average age is 9 and up will be marching in the Christmas parade. We do require that parents of students ages 8 and under to please walk with their children. You may want to bring decorated wagons or battery powered riding toys for the younger students to ride in when they become tired. Also bring plenty of wrapped candy; they enjoy throwing it out to the spectators along the parade route. We wear blue jeans, a red sweatshirt, (decorated or not) and a Santa hat. This allows our students to look uniform at a minimum expense. Please check the calendar page for dates. We hope you can join the fun!

Observation and Costume Week: Twice a year we have observation weeks where parents are asked to attend. The dates for the observation weeks are our on calendar. These are the only times we permit class viewing. Thank you.

Costumes: Costume measurements are taken in October and costumes are ordered by November. We add three inches of growing room to the girth measurement (as recommended by the costume manufacturers). The costumes are ready made and are not custom made. Therefore parents may have to attach a strap, skirt or accessory and make minor adjustments and alterations. We are sorry, but Miss Kelley’s cannot be responsible for your alterations and no costumes can be ordered for those with delinquent accounts. Also, you may not receive your costumes unless your balance is current.

Trophy Presentation: At the recital we present trophies to students that have had 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20 years of dance. It does not matter where your child has danced, we recognize previous years of dance at other studios. Students who sign our trophy list on the bulletin board by April 30th will be listed in the program book in our trophy section. This is Miss Kelley’s gift to the students; there is no trophy fee! This is our gift.

Shoes: We would appreciate all pre-school parents removing the tap shoe ribbon and replacing it with elastic (ask your teacher if you are unsure). Thank you, this saves major class time!! Also please write your child’s name in their belongings (shoes, dance bags, etc…) in case they are lost. Don’t forget you can sell your old dance shoes! If you have any used shoes that you would like to sell, please put your name, size, and phone number on the list that is posted on the bulletin board.

Studio Upkeep: Please help us to keep our studios nice. We would appreciate your cooperation in:

  1. Not allowing children to play with the blinds.
  2. Not allowing the children to litter (both inside and out.)
  3. Not allowing them to play, eat, drink, color or draw on waiting room furniture.

We have tried to create nice studios, please help us to maintain them!

Valentines Parties: We do not schedule “formal” Valentine's Day parties for the classes. However, the students may bring cards to distribute to their classmates at the end of their class during the week prior to Valentine's Day. Please address cards to “dance friend” instead of by name, this saves class time and makes it easier for the teachers when passing out cards.

Recital Packet: At the beginning of May recital packets with important recital information will be given out in the studio office. Please make sure that you receive your packet. We are sorry but packets cannot be given to those with outstanding accounts.

Recital Line-Up: Once copies of the recital line-ups are posted please correct any misspellings. When noticing the amount of time in-between numbers please remember that not only will you need changing time between acts, your class will be pulled backstage 10 numbers before they actually perform. Your child might enjoy using this time to observe other dancers. It’s always fun to see what can be achieved.

Tap Shoe Ribbon: If your child has received ribbon for their tap shoes, please replace the ribbon until recital

Stage Moms: The backstage area is small therefore only 2 mothers per class are allowed to stay. These moms are responsible for keeping the class quiet and accompanying the class back to the dressing room after the performance. If you would like to be a stage mom, please sign the list posted on your dance room door. We always appreciate the help of our Stage Moms!!!

Picture Week Information. Please refer to our calendar page for dates.

  1. Please be on time and ready to go at your dance hour. We would like to shoot the group shot at the beginning of class. To keep us on schedule, we can only wait on those not present for 15 minutes. If you will not be coming, please call and let us know so that we don’t wait. Thank you!
  2. Have your child dressed and ready in their ballet/jazz costume (unless your teacher specifies otherwise). Please have make-up on and hair already fixed. You will thank yourself.
  3. Bring all of your costumes. We will be making group shots of all costumes.
  4. We only paint shoes if necessary due to costume color. Please paint your shoes at least one week before pictures. We cannot allow shoes with wet paint in the studio. We recommend the NuLife brand paint. This can be found at dancewear or shoe stores. Krylon will also work; this brand can be found at K-Mart and Wal-Mart. To paint your shoes stuff them with newspaper and then:
    1. Spray a light coat of paint.
    2. Let the paint dry thoroughly
    3. Spray again if needed.
    4. Remember…leave plenty of drying time for your shoes!!
  5. Remember, leather shoes paint better than patent leather. If you have patent leather shoes, NuLife has a product called Shoe Preparer that you apply before painting that helps tremendously. Please inquire at shoe stores or repair shops.
  6. Familiarize yourself with the photographer’s order sheet. Know what you want and have your check and order sheets filled out before you approach our table. You will need one sheet filled out for every picture that you would like to buy. They will keep the sheet at time of photograph to write the negative or digital number on it.
  7. During picture week, Trussville pictures will be made on the level where your class dances. One studio will be used for dressing and the other for photography.
  8. If you are absent on the day of your class pictures, you may come on another day of the week for your individual pictures or attend picture make-up day.
  9. The photographer does ask that you pay in full at the time of order.
  10. The photographer’s policy does not allow ANY cameras in the photography room. You may take as many as you would like in the dressing room.
  11. Please remember that pictures days are always hectic and we appreciate your patience. If you have children who do not dance you may wish to leave them at home on this night to help cut down on confusion and crowding.

Program Book Ads: Each year we have a program book; similar to a school annual. Many parents wish to have their child’s individual picture featured in the book. Families or businesses can sponsor these pictures. These ads are a deducible business expense. If you are interested in having your child’s picture included in this year’s recital book, please see last year’s recital book for examples. You will receive an ad form at the beginning of January. If you would like more than one ad in the book, please request additional forms. Checks for ad money should be made out to Miss Kelley’s School of Dance. If you are purchasing multiple ads for your child, you may wish to have a different picture for each ad. This does not mean that you have to buy that many pictures. Please remember that you can also provide the picture for the ad. It does not have to be made through our photographer. Or for a small fee the photographer will take a picture solely for the use of using in the program book.

Ad Prices: Ad prices are the same as last year:

  • Full Page……$120.00
  • Half Page……. $70.00
  • Quarter Page…$50.00

Multiple Children: Siblings and friends can share an ad for no additional cost, but we cannot allow more that five students per ad. When completing the program ad for multiple children, please try to list the children’s names in the order they were during the photograph. For example sometimes it is best to list names left to right such as Mary Jones, Susie Smith, Amanda Robbins and Sara Johnson. This helps us to identify them for the program.

Supplying Your Own Picture: As mentioned earlier you may provide your own picture for use in our program book. You must email the picture directly to us or to the printer. The printer may refuse the picture based on the quality of the image.

Specialty Ads: Specialty ads are ads that feature more than one picture within the same ad. This can only be done on full-page ads. Other size ads are simply not big enough for this to work. There is an extra $25.00 charge for a specialty ad. Please view one of last year’s program books to see examples of this type of ad. If interested in this format please write across the top your form.

Ad Sales: As mentioned earlier this is tax deductible for businesses and some people like to sell the ads throughout the year. If you would like to sell the ads before you receive your ad form in January please ask the secretary and she will be happy to give you the forms. Thank you!