We hope this helps answer any questions. If you have any other questions, please donít hesitate to contact us!

Is it all right if we try one lesson before we make the commitment?

Youíre more than welcome to try a lesson before you decide. As a matter of fact, we even tell first time parents that if they wish, they may wait and purchase dance supplies after they know for sure that this is something their child wants to do. Please send the student in loose fitting clothes (that do not restrict their flexibility) and a pair of tennis shoes. (Supplies that are needed are explained in the ďattireĒ section of this handbook.)

How do I know which class is best for my child?

Upon placement, the teacher or secretary will be sure your child has met the appropriate age and skill guidelines for that class. Each child develops at his/her own rate. At a certain point, the number of years the child has taken is not as important as her skill level. At this point, we suggest trusting the teacher. Too often, parents want to place their children in more advanced classes, while forgetting this could be detrimental to their self-esteem and confidence. Many times it is like a jigsaw puzzle; you have to try several places before you get the perfect fit. We appreciate you trusting our teachers.

Why is ballet so important?

After the age of six, we strongly encourage an additional hour of ballet. Often students want to excel as far as they can in jazz without taking ballet. Of course, each and every class is important and will excel; however ballet is mandatory for those wishing to advance the furthest. The barre work in ballet is where the studentís strength, endurance and balance are developed for leaps, turns and steps used in many forms of dance. Remember, if you are interested, you will receive a discount on the second class.

Why is it better for my child to dance on wooden floors?

Our sprung wood floors act as a shock absorber to the dancerís body. A dancer should not dance on concrete or other ďnon-givingĒ surfaces for any length of time. Doing so might result in injuries to tendons, muscles or joints.

When can I watch my child in dance class?

As previously stated, there is two times during the year that we allow the parents to watch their childís dance class. Observers are a distraction for some children; therefore this is the only time we permit class viewing. Parents that open the door really disrupt young children.

If I take more than one subject, do I have to come on two different days?

Most of the time we can schedule your classes back to back. It really all depends on what you take. Some parents prefer two different days because they think their child will try more and have more energy by separating the classes.

How do I know which recital my child will participate in?

All Oneonta students participate in the morning show. All Trussville Monday/Wednesday students participate in the matinee show. And Trussville Tuesday/Thursday students participate in the evening show. For dates and times please refer to the rehearsal/recital paragraph in the handbook. Many parents opt to choose days that are more convenient regardless of which show. These parents feel that they would rather have an easy schedule for nine months and only be inconvenienced on recital days

If we donít want to participate in the recital do we have to?

You do not have to participate in the recital, but we strongly suggest that you do. The recital is the showcase of all their hard work all year long. Students not only have fun by participating, but being on stage in front of people truly prepares them for future try-outs, auditions, and interviews. Being in front of people is a genuine fear for many people that can be overcome. Confidence and stage presence is gained only through performing.

If we donít participate in recital do we have to pay for costumes?

No, you would pay tuition only.

If we only dance for part of the month, do we have to pay full tuition?

As stated earlier the dance yearís tuition is divided equally over nine months; therefore we cannot prorate for any month. However if for any reason you do not receive a full month of lessons you may schedule a make-up lesson. If you wish to do so, please make up any missed lessons before recital!

When we schedule a make-up lesson do we have to give advance notice that we are coming?

No, you are more than welcome to just show-up. Make-ups are taken with a class of similar age and level. When you come on that day just tell the teacher of that class that your child is there for a make-up lesson.

If we miss a class because the studio closed for bad weather, will this class be rescheduled?

The class is not rescheduled. However you are more than welcome to attend a make-up less. You may view our class schedule online to find another comparable class in age and level. If you need help finding a suitable make-up time please call the secretary.