Classes Offered

Combo: Ballet/Jazz & Tap Ballet Hip Hop
Pageant Training Pointe Clogging
Lyrical Jazz Tumbling/Cheernastics
Color Guard Danceline prep

Not all classes are offered at each location. Summer classes are also offered. Please contact the studio for more information.

Click here for the 2017 Fall Class Schedule

Tuition: Monthly prices include tuition and costume fees, but please remember to apply discounts for additional classes and siblings. Our yearly tuition is prorated over nine months. Monthly payments are the same regardless of attendance. In you miss due to vacations, sickness, holidays or weather closings, we encourage the student to attend a makeup lesson. Please see the secretary for makeup times or look at our class schedule on our website. Thank you!

Class Monthly Tuition Monthly Costume Fee Monthly Total
30 minutes $39.00 $9.00 $48.00
45 minutes $43.00 $9.00 $52.00
1 hour $47.00 $18 (2 costumes) $65.00
Each additional hour $37 Each costume $9.00
Monthly private lesson are $50 per hour.

Discounts: You only pay full price for the first hour. Tuition is $10.00 off for each additional hour. The second sibling also receives a $10.00 discount. The third sibling receives free tuition. Discounts do not apply to costumes, extra fees, competing teams or private lessons. Examples are shown below.


One child for combo class $47 (tuition) + $18 (2 costumes) = $65.00
One child for combo & tumbling $47 + $37 (tuition) + $18(2 costumes) = $102
Two sisters for a combo class $47 + $37 (tuition less discount) + $36 (4 costumes) = $120
One child for ballet & combo class $47 + $37 (tuition less discount) + $27 (3 costumes) = $111
Three sisters for combo classes $47 + $37 (tuition less discount) + $54 (6 costumes )= $138

Other fees: There is a $45.00 non-refundable registration fee per family, payable at the time of registration. Most classes will have an accessory fee ranging from $3.00 to $25.00. This fee is charged to those who have an accessory such as a cane, hat, gloves etc. The recital fee is $75.00 per family, not per student. This fee allows as many people as you wish admitted to all recitals and will include one free program book. The fees mentioned here are the only charges other than costumes and tuition that are posted to your account. The accessory and recital fees will be charged in March. Optional expenses include photographer's pictures and program book ads.

Payments: We have two payment options to choose from:

Late fees: If your payment is not received by our required date there will be a $20.00 late fee for every moh that it is outstanding. Our late fees are automated so this does apply to everyone. THANK-YOU!.

Delinquent Accounts: There is a $30.00 non sufficient charge for all returned drafts and checks. Repeated returns will require cash payments for the remainder of the year.

End of year balance: The year must be paid in full by May 10 in order to participate in the month of May.